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Martin Jordan
Adam and Eve
The hare escaped
Adam turns to Eve and says, ‘I am Adam and you my dear, are Eve, and we are the first.’
‘If we’re the first, then who are these others?’ Says Eve innocently.
Adam looks thoughtful, and a little confused. He has a response of sorts, he remains silent. Silence is a man’s prerogative when asked an awkward question by a woman. She waits expectantly and after a while he says, ‘The only self-evident truth is distorted chronology.’
‘I don’t understand.’
Adam reverts to silence but this time he looks pleased with himself. I’m left wondering how their relationship will endure, given that they’re to be together for such a long time. Indeed, their union must last for as long as people tell their story which could be thousands of years. For now though, they seem to be in love. Eve is guarding Adam, protecting him in a moment of vulnerability and I’m struck by what an all round decent person she is, barely balanced but so caring and attentive. I hope Adam turns out to be deserving of such devotion.
Eve is protecting Adam
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